It’s a never-ending road

We believe that true wellness is a path, a road, a journey, not a destination. It begins with a first step, continues with a second, and never ends.

If you are on that road, then you walk in beauty, in never-ending growth, in fulfillment, and in the mystery that is the human form.

The path has three parallel tracks, well, maybe a couple more, but let’s start with the basics: macro-nutrition, micro-nutrition, and exercise. We are, of course, talking about the physical side of true wellness; and there is more than just the physical side.

These three aspects of the human body need to be in balance for there to be true wellness. For too many of us in the modern world, the focus is on one element of one branch of this tree of life. For many people, that focus is on the Calorie content of macro-nutrition; by that I mean, getting enough, getting more, or getting less. Others think that the key branch is micro-nutrition, that they find in supplements of various sorts. Supplements are great, are essential even; but so is proper macro-nutrition. For still others, the key is exercise: do enough exercise and the body will heal itself, almost miraculously. You can eat anything with impunity. All fuel is good because all fuel can be burned. What they fail often fail to note is the internal pollution that their own bodies’ engines are dumping into their inner environment and the damage that this is causing.

Each of these three sides have to be in balance for true wellness. Take a first step and see how.


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