I strive to be truly well

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This is My Story: About Well-Truly

I was the typical C-level executive in the typical technology firm of the late 90s in Dallas TX. I’d worked my way up the ladder as an engineer. Coming out of university with a BSc in Physics, an MSc in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA in entrepreneurship, I moved up quickly. While I’d had the time to be healthy in college, spending time in the gym and running, the first thing that working takes away from you is time. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the bottom of the ladder or the top, so long as you’re on it, there is no time for anything else but the ladder. Time to shop right, time to cook right, time to eat right, time to exercise. That’s all gone. So it was with me: 50 direct reports, several hundred indirect reports, a project worth $500MM to $1B depending on what you added in. And from a college weight of 185, I’d blossomed nicely to almost 230. From a 32″ waist line to a 38″ waist line. That’s blossoming. That’s what a 60 minute one-way commute, a family, international travel, and a corner office will give you.

I had other problems with fitness. I’d lost all the cartilage in my left knee playing football when I was younger. That extra weight I was packing probably contributed to me blowing out a disc in my back between L4 and L5 in 2000. I lost a lot of weight waiting for the surgery and put most of it back on right away.

In some ways, the best thing that ever happened to me was the collapse of the economy in 2007. The company I was working for at that point shut down most of its operations. Eventually I was a consultant, and eventually, not even that. Now, I had all that missing time back. After a long career in the hottest sector of modern times (cellular, GPS, wireless Internet, satellite communications, etc) with nation-wide networks and around 10 patents, multiple degrees, PE certification, Senior Member of IEEE, I was suddenly too old or too expensive to be employable. Time on my hands.

Some of that time could go to my family after all. But now some could also get me back on the path to wellness instead of that path to sickness.

That’s where I am today. That’s what I’m aiming to share here. Now at age 63, I’ve recently completed my first marathon. My weight is back down to 185. My waist is down to 32″ once more. And what the economic collapse of 2007 could not take away from me, an ability to solve complex problems, is still with me. Wellness is a complex problem because it’s not a place to get, it’s a path to be on.

The bad news is that the first step on the path to sickness, as I found, is when working takes away your time. The next step is eating at fast-food restaurants, shopping for packaged foods at the grocery store, skipping the work-out at the end of the day because you’re just dead tired and want to spend time with the family. Bringing home a pizza.

The good news is that, with the right sequence of moves, you can claim your time back. You can get on the first step of the path to wellness. And then, keep on walking on the path of well-truly.

  • Aerobic Exercise 33%
  • Diet 33%
  • Supplements 33%
  • Wellness 100%